VERA VEGA included in new online shopping center

VERA VEGA has made an agreement to be part of a new online shopping center for fashion, interior and design, which adjusts to fit your personal shopping preferences.

VERA VEGA is now part of the new online shopping center Shubbs makes it possible for the first time to take a digital stroll through an online shopping center packed with fashion, interior and designer stores that are adjusted to fit individual style and taste.


Helps users find niche online stores

According to founder web shops such as VERA VEGA will have a better chance to get noticed. This is because the shopping portal doesn’t differentiate between small and large web shops and presents shop recommendations based on the users preferences and favorite products.

-You can find web shops where product and style match your personal preferences, but the site can also guide users to many smaller specialised shops, which can be hard to find on Google, where most people unfortunately end on the five largest online stores, says Lars Schultz Hansen, founder of

Trend Expert: Online shopping centre next evolutionary step in online shopping

According to trend expert Louise Byg Kongsholm, CEO of Pej Gruppen, initiatives such as are the next evolutionary step in retail trade.

-An online shopping centre is the next natural step. It is in request by consumers, as well as smaller stores and manufacturers who want to go online but don’t get enough customers by having a traditional single shop online, says Louise Byg Kongsholm, who authored the recently published book ‘Cross Channel’ about the future of the retail trade.

-It is important that the composition of stores is just right – not only for the target audience, but also for it to be dynamic and changing as you get to know the target audience, she says.

Find the website at, in which 1.3 million Danish kroner have been invested, as well as several hundred webshops, with more international shops on the way in 2015.

Happy online shopping 🙂


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